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Wheelchair Lifts
Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) Commercial and Residential Savaria: V-1504 V-1505 Enclosure V-1504 Prestigue V-1504 LUX Multi-lift Multi-lift 3G M2 lift Prolift Ram Manufacturing: Trust-T-Lift (Home) Trust-T-Lift Commercial Harmar: CPL Commercial / Residential Enclosed EPL Commercial / Residential Residential RPL / VPL-600 Toe Guard TG400 Commercial / Residential Portable CPL 400 Commercial / Residential
Inclined Platform Lifts (IPL) Commerciai and Residential Savaria: Delta “Straight IPL” Omega “Curved IPL” Harmar: IL500 “Straight IPL”
Savari Vertical Platform Lift
Savari Delta Inclined Platform Lift
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Hamar, TG400 Commercial / Residential
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